While I was getting ready this morning and putting on my make-up, I started to feel my eyelid twitch on the right side. Blepharospasm (eyelid twitch) is something that happens to me from time to time, mainly when I am tired. It is one of those little things that has no consequence but is pretty annoying. Like other muscle spasms, it is often the sign that you are lacking magnesium and I recommend to supplementing yourself with magnesium, either via tablets or with food such as artichokes, almonds, cashews, beans, spinach or tomatoes. Of course it will take several days for this to take effect and, in the mean time chances are you will have other episodes.

Copper, Cu; Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde ...
Copper, Cu; Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Karlsruhe, Germany. Used in homeopathy as remedy: Cuprum metallicum (Cupr.) Deutsch: Kupfer, Cu; Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Karlsruhe, Deutschland. In der Homöopathie als Arzneimittel verwendet: Cuprum metallicum (Cupr.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For immediate relief though, there is a wonderful homeopathic medicine called Cuprum metallicum. Cuprum,which a homeopathic dilution of copper, is indicated in many spasm issues such as cramps in the calves, hiccups, spasmophilia and torticoli. It works very fast. Today I was able to take it right away since I had it with me and I was able to see it work “live.” I watched my eye in the mirror and saw the spasm go away in less than 2 minutes.

Cuprum metallicum 6C: 5 pellets asap. Repeat if necessary.