Before a competition, take a deep breath… and a few pellets too!

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I would like to talk about one of the first homeopathic medicines I tried, because I think it could be useful to many people. I used to be a fairly good student and to perform well during tests, written or oral—except for the driving test. Although I was doing okay during the driving lessons, this one took me by surprise. Let’s put it back into context as I am talking about the French system, which differs from the American one in many ways. First, the cost of taking the test is high. You have to take at least 20 hours of lessons to be entitled to take the test. Lessons are expensive too. If you fail, you have to take more lessons and pay new fees for taking the test again. On average, it costs around 2,000 Euros ($2,600). Second, examiners are tough. At least they were back then. Everybody knew the administrator’s goal was not to see if you could drive but to trap you and play with your nerves to supposedly “assess how you would react in a difficult situation.” Personally I think they just enjoyed being mean! Anyway, at that time, my brother and I were always very careful with my parents’ money. I think the cost of the lessons and of potential flunking paralyzed me in fear so much that, to the astonishment of my instructor, I did not pass the test. This is when I was introduced to Gelsemium sempervirens by my small town pharmacist. As instructed, I took it the night before, the morning of and again 10 minutes before the test, which I then passed! That was many years ago but I still remember the feeling!
The great think about it is that it doesn’t affect alertness. It is non-doping and non-stimulating, which is exactly what you need before any kind of test or competition. You want to be relaxed but be able to focus and perform. You do not want to be in a fog of euphoria.

Gelsemium is particularly effective in people who experience stage fright and nervous apprehension, with trembling, pollakiuria (frequent urination), congestive headaches (feeling as your whole head is caught in a vise), migraines with ophthalmic disturbances, memory issues and loss of confidence. Typically, this is the student who hands in a blank paper, or a driving test candidate who cannot start the car. (Not me though, I could start the car alright!) Of course, not all those symptoms have to be present for you to respond well to Gelsemium. To me, the most significant signs include the need to urinate often, especially right before the test (how inconvenient!), the headaches and the blanking out.

If in your case, there is less inhibition, but there is haste, a great desire to get things over and done with (such as the student goes off the subject from the start) and diarrhea and sleeplessness, take Argentum nitricum 30C, the same way. And if you are not sure, buy both and alternate them.

So here is how you take it:

Gelsemium sempervirens 30C:

Take 5 pellets under the tongue the night before, 5 pellets the morning of and 5 pellets 15 minutes before the test. If you do a lot of competition (or for a big test or several tests happening over a few days), you can even take 5 pellets per day for 4 weeks prior to the event.

BREAK A LEG! (That will be the topic of a future post.)