Nux Vomica 30C

Now, if you feel sluggish after a meal, there is also a homeopathic medicine that can help you. Nux vomica is obtained from the seeds of Strychnos nux-vomica, the Poison nut, a tree native to Southeast Asia. The nuts are toxic but once the extract has been transformed and diluted into a homeopathic medicine you can use it in several digestive issues.

After a meal that is too rich and/or eaten too fast, you may feel bloated, nauseous and even have heartburn. Whether you occasionally overindulge or you often enjoy heavy food, coffee and alcohol a little too much and have a pretty sedentary life, you are the right candidate. Nux vomica will speed up your digestion and bring you relief. This does not mean that you should not try to change some of those bad habits, but this is another topic. It is nice to carry in your pocket when you are attending one of those business meetings where you go from the meeting room to the restaurant and back to the meeting room, and you are dreading the postprandial drowsiness.

Take 5 pellets of Nux vomica 30C after the meal, and if necessary, 5 more before going to bed.



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