Carry Apis in your pocket, so a bee does not spoil your lunch

Apis mellifera - Honey Bee
Apis mellifera – Honey Bee (Photo credit: Camponotus Vagus)

This weekend, I went to one of my friends’ house for lunch. When I got there, my friend told me that she had just been stung by a bee or a wasp. The ”bee” had stung her thigh through the fabric of her pants and the whole area was already reddish and swollen. I asked her if she was allergic but she did not think so. It was nothing alarming but because she is recovering from a tough surgery and is still pretty feeble, I wanted to help her quickly. So I asked her to put some ice on her thigh knowing that it usually brings some quick relief. In the mean time,  I went back to my car to see if by any chance I had a tube of Apis mellifica 30C, which I did. I had her take 5 pellets immediately and repeat it 10 minutes later. After the first intake she said the pain  was gone and the edema was reduced to almost nothing. Which was excellent news since I was starting to get hungry!

Apis mellifica is a fast acting homeopathic medicine but its action does not last very long. That is why you have to take it often. It is made from the honey bee and is used in all cases of edema that is improved by cold applications. So the obvious indication is an insect bite, but it is also used in urticaria, sun burns, sore throat (granted that drinking cold liquids or eating ice cream make it feel better), and in so many other situations.

I am sometimes asked if people who are allergic to bee venom can take Apis. The answer is they can and do not risk to react provided that they use dilutions such as 9C or above. And since Apis is most effective in 15C or 30C, this is not a problem.

Apis is one of those ”emergency” medicines that you need to have available right away. It is good idea to carry it with you if you go on a hike or go camping. Although I have most of the homeopathic medicines I might need at home, I have to build a complete kit of the essentials that I will leave in the trunk of my car. As a matter of fact I will work on it and post the list on this blog soon. How do you like that?



  1. s. free says:

    I could sure use Apis. Also, what’s your homeopathic wisdom on snake bites..? Of course one would need to get one’s ass to the emergency room a.s.a.p

    1. raphaele says:

      Hi S,
      thank you for your question. I am working on a complete post on snakes, but I can already give you part of an answer: you are exactly right, the thing to do to go to the closest hospital so they can select and administer the proper anti-venom serum asap, in case of a bite by a venomous snake. There is nothing that homeopathy can do as far as the venom itself. Later on I will present some homeopathic medicines that you can take for the bite itself.

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