The homeopathic kit you should take on a deserted island

The uninhabited island of Maafushi in South Ni...

Last Tuesday I did my monthly interview with Josh Lane on his “Here’s to your health” growing radio show. We pictured a trip to Catalina, which is a beautiful Island (far from deserted!) in south California. We discussed the potential health issues that tourists can experience there or in a similar situation, and the homeopathic medicines that they should take with them. We delivered a lot of information, so I decided to summarize the medicines and their indications on the blog for people who would like a quick review. I will develop each situation in future posts.

So let’s start with the obvious, unless you decide to swim to the island…


Petroleum 6C: 5 pellets 1 h before the trip, 5 pellets on board before departure and then as necessary. Specifically efficient in seasickness, on an empty stomach (you usually feel better by eating before getting on board and by closing your eyes).

There are also 2 other very efficient medicines for motion sickness: use them the same way (5 pellets 1 h before, 5 pellets before departure and then as necessary)

Tabacum 6C: This is the typical treatment you need fresh air (open the window in a car, or go on the deck)

Cocculus indicus 6C: For a patient if you need heat and confinement (and cannot stand the smell of tobacco)

If you have mixed symptoms, just alternate those 3 medicines.

Jellyfish sting:

Urtica urens 6C: Take 5 pellets sublingually as soon as possible, then every 10 minutes for an hour and every 2 hours after that. Urtica urens is therefore a medicine you should carry in your bag when going to the beach!

Insect bite:

Combine Ledum palustre 6C and Apis mellifica 30C, 5 pellets every 15 minutes, than every hour. For people hypersensitive to mosquito bites and who react with big edema, Ledum 30C, 5 pellets/day during the period of exposure, is a good way to make sure you have it already in your system when you get stung.


Apis 30C and belladonna 6C: alternate 5 pellets of each every 15 minutes then every hour and 3 times a day. This will relieve the edema, the sensation of heat, the redness, and the pain. Apply Calendula ointment first then the lotion, several times a day and cover with gauze. Make sure the skin is totally repaired before stopping the applications.


Even with the best of precautions, muscle soreness from overexertion or bruising from falls and blows can occur. Apply Arnicare gel to naturally relieve muscle pain, stiffness and bruising.