Jet Lag

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A week ago, my Mom crossed an ocean and an entire continent for her vacation. Being a very light sleeper, she is always concerned about jet lag. The daylight saving time is enough to disturb her for weeks, so you can imagine what a 6 or 9-hour time difference can do to her sleep! But she followed a few ”rules” and it seems she adapted very well this time, and almost instantly (except for a little nap now and then, but that happens without jet lag anyway!).
Since this is travel season for many people, here are some recommendations that should make a big difference (you’ll thank me later):

-First, and this is common sense: limit your caffeine intake during the flight.

-Second: even though airplane food is often hard to take (even without needles!), I find it helpful to eat the meals that are served when they are served because it prepares your body to the new schedule you are heading to.

-Once at your destination, get some sun or light exposure to reset your internal clock

-Consider those homeopathic medicines that are free of side effects and interactions: Cocculus indicus, Nux vomica and the superstar arnica montana.

  • When traveling east: since we more often suffer from drowsiness and insomnia due to our sleep pattern being off (we typically wake up in the middle of the night), start by taking 5 pellets of Cocculus indicus 6C. The next morning take 5 pellets of nux vomica 30C. Carry on those two medicines for 3 to 4 days.
  • When traveling west: we generally suffer more from digestive problems (such as nausea, drowsiness, constipation and so on) due to meals being off schedule and sleep is less of an issue. Upon arrival, take 5 pellets of Nux vomica 30C in the evening. The next morning take 5 pellets of Cocculus 6C. Carry on for a few days.
  • Both ways, for stiffness and swelling, take Arnica montana 6C, 5 pellets 3 times a day for 3 to 4 days.