Homeopathy for cradle cap

A small (14cm) baby doll called Calineczka. To...
A small (14cm) baby doll called Calineczka. Toy producer: Simba Toys http://www.simba-dickie.com/. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cradle cap or crusta lactea (to show that I know latin!) is a seborrheic dermatitis that happens in 2 babies out of 3 and can start as early as 1 month old. It can last up to three years old. The scalp (part of it or all) and sometimes parts of the face become flaky with yellowish greasy scales. Moms usually remove the flakes by applying almond oil which softens and makes them easier to remove with a comb. It is not dangerous and often goes away by itself. But it does not look good and more important, it can sometimes become very irritating, get infected or be linked to a fungal infection. Usual treatments go from dandruff shampoos to Rx cortisone creams or anti-fugal topical medicines, and all their side effects. Since most parents want to keep their children away from harsh treatments as much as possible, here is a way to treat cradle cap with a homeopathic medicine:

Calcarea carbonica 6C

Just dilute 5 pellets in a little bit of water and have your baby sip on it. Do this twice a day. It should take care of it and bring back your baby’s head to what it is supposed to be: smooth and smelling delicious! Once again, remember that the homeopathic treatment will work better and faster if you start it early on.


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