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Since this is still summer and a pretty warm one, many people are looking for relief by going to the pool or the beach. As a consequence, some might experience a condition called swimmer’s ear. It is actually an otitis externa and the symptoms are : stinging pain and burning sensation associated with hypersecretion of ear wax (cerumen). If left untreated it can lead to an acute otitis.

The usual causes are:

– humidity, and that is why it is called swimmers ear: after swimming, it often happens that water remains in the ear canal,  promoting the development of bacteria and funghi. The most common bacteria responsible for outer ear infection are Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Those are often carried by healthy people  (for example, 25% carry Staphylococcus in their nose, mouth, etc.) and under the ”right” circumstances they can develop and cause an infection.

-improper use of cotton swabs to clean the ears: it can damage the skin lining of the ear canal that may break, and lead to infection.

-ear plugs, hearing aids, headphones and so on, can also contribute to the occurrence of swimmer’s ear. I recommend to clean those regularly by using rubbing alcohol. Even chemicals from shampoos can be a factor.

The homeopathic solution: Capsicum annuum 6C (which is made from the chili pepper) 5 pellets every hour for 2 hours and then 3 times a day for 2 to 3 days. It is used in stabbing otalgia with congestive eardrum and is a good medicine for swimmer’s ear.

Use Capsicum as soon as possible and of course, see a doctor if pain becomes hard to control or if there is dizziness, or any other signs of a more serious condition.

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