Quit smoking with homeopathy

Serge Gainsbourg, leerde mij
Serge Gainsbourg, leerde mij (Photo credit: Marco Raaphorst)

The new year is coming fast and along with it a whole list of resolutions, including cutting on rich foods that we love so much, exercising that we don’t love so much and so on. For those among us who still smoke despite all the restrictions that make it almost impossible, here are some homeopathic medicines that can help you quit if you wish to do so. Again, they will help you but not make you quit. We all know that the most important factor is your motivation. There are also some tips you can use to support your motivation: find the strategy that works best for you (are you going to do it gradually or cold turkey?), avoid temptations as much as possible, and if you have tried and failed before, learn from your failures.

The urge to smoke is often challenging so let’s try to help you go through this period. First, realize that the craving usually goes away after a few minutes. Many people tend to substitute cigarettes with sweets which is not the right thing to do (you do not want to develop a new addiction to candies, do you?). Instead, drink a glass of water or an herbal tea, go outside take a walk, do anything that distracts you from smoking (without hurting you!) for a few minutes until the urge is gone or lessened. And use those two homeopathic medicines! They both help with the craving and you can either alternate them or choose the one that suits you the best. The fact that they have a sweet taste helps as well.

The first is Nux vomica that I have often mentioned, mainly for digestive issues. This is your treatment if you observe you are becoming irritable, you feel slow and tend to overeat to compensate the need to smoke. Take Nux vomica 30C, 5 pellets morning and evening or as needed. Remember, you will never overdose on homeopathic medicines.

Lobelia Inflata (it is made from the Indian Tobacco, a plant that grows here in North America). It is a medicine for tobacco weaning, and is particularly indicated if you are becoming intolerant to cigarette smell, are experiencing coughing and dyspnea due to the clearing of the bronchi (that happens when you stop smoking). Take Lobelia 6C, 5 pellets every time you feel the urge to smoke.

The usual length of the treatment is 3 months but it can vary a lot according to your level of dependency.

Try your best and you can thank me later.