Best places for germs, worst places for us!

Petri Dish
Petri Dish (Photo credit: PNNL – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

For all of you out there who the older you get the more worried about germs you become (and yes, I fall into this category!), here is an abc article about The 10 germiest [sic] places in your favorite restaurant!

And if you want more, read about the 10 Worst Germ Hot Spots on Forbes’ website. It will make you even crazier! And another one to cheer you up, ”The Journal of Medical Virology reports that cold and flu viruses can survive for 18 hours on hard surfaces”. This is much longer than what we thought…

10. Escalators

9. Free Food

8. Airplanes

7. Grocery Carts

6. Restroom Door Handles

5. Condiment Dispensers

4. Lemon and Lime Wedges

3. Restaurant Menus

2. Gas Pumps

1. Cell Phones