Homeopathy and Osteoporosis

Line drawing of fractured hip
Line drawing of fractured hip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many of us have seen some of our aging relatives getting smaller and more fragile over the years as if they were shrinking. This is often due to osteoporosis, a progressive reduction in bone density and a concern for both men and women as they are getting older. This phenomenon often leads to fractures. Those “osteoporotic  fractures”, and hip fractures in particular, have dramatic consequences on the patients’ well being, both at the physical and psychological level. Fortunately, there are many measures patients and their physicians can take to prevent or limit this condition, including nutrition and alternative medicines. There is one particular homeopathic medicine that is often prescribed and is called Silicea.

Here is how it can be used according to the condition of the bones:

  1. The patient is thin and has a family history of osteoporosis but the bone density is still within normal range: 10 sublingual pellets of Silicea 15C once a month.
  2. There are early signs of decreasing bone density (called osteopenia): 10 sublingual pellets of Silicea 15C once a week.
  3. There is demineralization of the bones, meaning osteoporosis has begun: 5 sublingual pellets of Silicea 15C once a day.

In all cases and for better results, the Silicea treatment should not be interrupted.