Homeopathic protocol after vaccination


Now days there is a lot of controversy about vaccines. I am from another time and another place where we did not think twice about it and thought vaccines were such an advanced tool to protect us against dangerous pathogens that could potentially kill us otherwise. It is also true that children would only get a few major vaccines. Most of us would go through childhood getting sick from time to time (with measles, mumps, rubella and so on) and building up our immunity without much worrying from parents, doctors or school teachers. Now that I think about it, it was not so bad to miss school and to be pampered at home! Well, now things have changed and everybody has a different opinion about immunization. There are also concerns about the preservatives and other substances that are injected along with the vaccines. If you are getting your child vaccinated, here is what you can do to limit the side effects:

After any vaccine, give your child five sublingual pellets of Thuja 9C morning and evening for five to 10 days (10 days if there is a history of bad reactions in the family, especially among siblings). This is to help protect the child from the rare post vaccination syndrome (that is responsible for various serious chronic health issues).

Also, for the immediate local reaction (swelling, edema, pain, redness and burning sensation), use 5 pellets of Apis melifica 30C and five pellets of Belladonna 9C every 15 minutes the first hour following the injection, and then every two hours as long as needed.

I recommend this protocol to adults as well.